November 27, 2012

Well, since my last post got deleted for no reason, I’m not going to re-type everything that was lost. I’m just going to give you the short version…

Saturday night was my first gig with Switch! I had an amazing time!



Leather top: Charlotte Russe $10
Leopard print skirt: Forever 21 $14
Spike bracelet: eBay $2
Boots: Charlotte Russe $30

November 16, 2012

So, I know I haven’t updated this blog in a really long time, but there have been a couple of changes in my life that will make it almost impossible to be without a fashion blog! First of all, I just started working at a retail store called Charlotte Russe. It’s in the mall, and is filled with awesome, super trendy clothing with an edge, that I love! I chose to work a part time job, mostly because my promotional work takes forever to cut checks, and I just simply love fashion and enjoy being around pretty clothing! :) Something about being surrounded by all of the latest trends and fantastic bright colors just puts a smile on my face.

Another exciting adventure is happening too…I have joined local rock cover band Switch ( as their lead singer! I am so excited to be doing what I love, while getting paid for it, as well as dressing like a rock star every weekend. I purchased a lot of fun things last weekend during Charlotte Russe’s employee appreciation weekend, including a royal blue leather motorcycle jacket, some super fun bright 80′s inspired skirts and bodycon dresses, as well as a super tight liquid leather looking dress. I will be documenting every badass outfit that I wear on stage, and sharing all the moments of every night in a post fashion post. I will also be posting videos of my performances (in the videos section of this site) and photos of my on-stage performances. I can’t wait to share all of this exciting stuff with you all. Please stay tuned for news on my band, and please come out to see us perform whenever you can!

Here is a photo that a friend of mine, Caleb, from work took of me for his fashion blog. I might as well share it here. This was an outfit for one of my first days of work. I had a rough day, but still managed to put together a look that he felt was worth documenting. :)

What’s really different about this looks for me, is that I’m wearing my hair up. I almost never do this, because I feel like it makes me look entirely too young, almost child-like. But on this day, I had no choice. I was curling my hair with my curling wand and somehow managed to burn my cheek with it. It did not feel good at all, and after that happened, I gave up on trying to curl the rest of my hair. The result was a messy, half curly kind of up-do. It was kind of comical, but ended up looking pretty cute. The sweater was found at the Goodwill, along with a lot of other treasures that day! It has a fairisle pattern, poofy half sleeves, a v-neckline, and kind of an itchy fabric, but completely worth it! I paid virtually nothing for this sweater ($4), which is an actual authentic vintage brand from the 1970′s. When I showed it to my mom, she said that she had one just like it when she was younger. I paired the sweater with a flare/ bell-bottom jean from Forever 21′s Heritage 1981 brand. The dark wash of the denim really compliments the sweater and cute platform wedges. I accessorized with a vintage tan etched leather belt that was given to me by my grandmother. I have received many awesome vintage accessories from her over the years. The platform wedges (hidden under the huge bells of my jeans) were purchased at Off Broadway Shoes on a shopping trip with my mom. They are Big Buddha brand and are super comfy for being super high. For a little extra dazzle, I added some rings from Forever 21. The owl one, which resembles a carved ivory (it’s not! It’s plastic!) is one of my favorites.


Vintage sweater: vintage brand $4
Flare jean: Heritage 1981 by Forever 21 $30
Etched leather belt: vintage $0
Platform lace-up wedge: Big Buddha $30
Owl ring: Forever 21 $4
Spoon ring: vintage(mom’s) $0

June 14, 2012

I just had to share this belt! I was so excited to find this at the Turnstyles store by my house! Turnstyles is a store where you can find all kinds of awesome pieces for super cheap! I got this belt for $1! I love it because it has the Aztec pattern that is so popular right now. It’s also a great mix of colors. It looks pastel in this picture, but it’s actually a lot brighter. I also love that it is worn in, so it has that awesome distressed vintage look to it. I just had to share my great find! This is one of the many things I have found at Turnstyles. I also finally found a crinoline to go under my gorgeous 1950′s dresses that my mom got at an auction for me. I was literally about to order one online for almost $50, but then found this at Turnstyles for $1! I highly recommend thrift store shopping to everyone. You never know what you’re going to find!

Belt: Turnstyles $1
Top: DIY
Shorts: WetSeal $15
Belly button ring: Claire’s accessories $12

June 13, 2012


Today I walked around town running errands. I chose this casual ensemble that features both a bohemian and grunge feel at the same time. I was so excited to get my galaxy tank in the mail yesterday! I found this tank on another fashion blog and had to have it. I like the idea of supporting someone else’s blog while finding a great piece of clothing at the same time. I see myself being able to wear this tank with just about anything. I would love to try it with a long asymmetrical skirt! For now, I paired it with my favorite V Chanel high waist, button up shorts (from Thailand!), lace up gladiator sandals, pyramid stud bracelet, and my Darth Vader ring that I purchased on eBay, and a spike chain necklace. There are many colors in this outfit, so its great for pairing any kind of accessories that you want with it.

Spike necklace: Forever 21 $8
Galaxy tank top: purchased on Native Fox blog at Shop My Closet $20
Orange shorts: V Chanel on eBay $40
Gladiator sandals: Wild Pair $30
Pyramid stud bracelet: Claire’s accessories $5
Darth Vader ring: eBay$12

June 9, 2012


Tonight we went to the Screenland movie theatre to see an awesome film, God Bless America. The movie had a lot of gunfire in it, so it ended up being a perfect occasion to wear my handmade DIY pistol tank top. I purchased this tank online and absolutely love it! I’m planning on trying to make some of my own in other designs. I paired the tank with a high waist, black and white polka dot skirt, with a vintage yellow button belt, and my comfy pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. To accessorize, I wore my Betsey Johnson two finger pistol ring, cameo earrings, a skull ring, and carried a vintage 1940′s style pearl beaded kiss closure purse (first time carrying it!). I was going for a really fun, pinup/rockabilly style that was perfect for my vintage accessories.

DIY pistol tank: eBay $12
Polka dot skirt: Forever 21 $9
Yellow belt: vintage
Shoes: Converse $40
Cameo earrings: Forever 21 $4
Skull ring: eBay $1
Pistol ring: Betsey Johnson
Pearl beaded purse: vintage $14

June 8, 2012




Today we took a trip to Whole Foods to get some delicious strawberry lemonade! I wore this Spanish inspired outfit. Fringe pants, wrap-around, midriff baring top, colorful bracelets, beaded belt, gold Carlos Santana shoes with ankle strap, and a bright yellow flower in my hair. I don’t usually wear my hair slicked back like this, but I will admit it was nice to have my hair out of my face. My favorite part of this ensemble is the sexy pair of fringe pants that I purchased a long time ago at this dress/bridal shop in Olathe. They are a perfect fit, and are super comfy! I also love that wearing all black could still be so cool in the hot sun today. All black with a little pop of bright colors in the accessories gives this the Latin flair that is casual, yet still sophisticated. :)

About this look:
Wrap around top: Forever 21 $13
Fringe pants: Ecco Mi $50
Shoes: Carlos Santana $60
Aztec bracelet: Kohls $8
Striped bangle: Forever 21 $4
Yellow hair flower/pin: Forever 21 $2
Beaded belt/necklace: from Earthbound $6

June 5, 2012


Yesterday we took a trip to the Country Club Plaza. I wore this cute, casual top and skirt ensemble. My inspiration for this outfit came from the 40′s pinup style mixed in with the playful look of Minnie Mouse. Normally I would have worn my shiny black patent leather stiletto Mary Janes, but we were walking around the Plaza. :) I topped off the look with some red lipstick and my Hello Kitty sunglasses ( will soon be available for sale in my online store).

Top: Vintage (Got this from my Clothing Swap event!)
Skirt: Forever 21 (also from Clothing Swap!)
Belt: Forever 21 $4
Shoes: Chuck Taylor by Converse $40
Purse: Steve Madden $30
Hello Kitty sunglasses: from my store that is coming online soon! $15